About Us

Nautilus Networks provides the most comprehensive, technically centric repair and engineering services and products to telecommunications industry. Founded in 2011 by industry veterans with over 100 years of collective telecom experience, Nautilus has quickly become the industry’s leading value added company.

Nautilus Networks provides high quality OEM level testing, repair and engineering services at competitive prices for wireless and wireline carriers companies. Nautilus Networks has extensive digital capabilities which include GSM, CDMA, WCDMA and 3G and 4G and now the Alcatel-Lucent enodeB LTE technologies. Nautilus Networks repairs Ericsson, Nortel, Lucent, Motorola and Nokia, as well as many other OEM manufacturers. Additionally, Nautilus has advanced repair capabilities in microwave backhaul, Sonet and E911 technologies.

Our goal is to leverage our industry knowledge to provide our customers with an alternative avenue that focuses on actual customer service, with OEM quality product and technical expertise. Nautilus Networks ability to test, engineer and repair telecom equipment provides your company with any or all of the following services:

  • OEM Quality Level Testing and Repair
  • Wireless/Cellular Engineering Standard and Custom Builds
  • Microwave Repair, Installation and Maintenance
  • E911 LMU Repair and Maintenance
  • Advance Replacement on All Equipment Repair
  • Power Plant Engineering and Custom Power Bay Builds
  • Procurement, Sales and Equipment Supply
  • Asset Management with Cradle-to-Grave Solution
  • Install/De-Installations, Mining and Product Disposition
  • Project Management
  • OEM and Vendor Warranty Administration
  • Anti-Graffiti Protection for all of your Outdoor Equipment


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About David Gualco – President and Founder

Mr. Gualco is the founder of Nautilus Networks and began the company by utilizing his 34 years of experience in telecommunication engineering, component level testing and repair. Mr. Gualco has worked his way through virtually every technology in the Telecom industry including Wireline, Wireless and Data.

Prior to the beginning of Nautlius Networks, Mr. Gualco was the President and CEO of Telecom Resource Service, which was sold to a 3PL service provider. Mr. Gualco also ran the re-work and distribution depot of Nortel Networks/Bay Network remarketing division in Sunnyvale, California. In Dallas, Texas, he managed the repair, EF&I and distribution for Southwestern Bell, Sprint, Pacific Bell, GTE, Airtouch, AT&T Wireless and PCS Primeco. Additionally, Mr. Gualco’s team became the OEM repair facility for Fujitsu and PairGain.

Mr. Gualco is a Service Disabled Veteran of the United States Navy and Naval Reserve with 14 years of honorable service. He spent most of his military service on the high seas conducting law enforcement operations in the fight on the war on drugs, where he received multiple commendations including the Navy Achievement Medal from the Secretary of the Navy.

More About The Company

Nautilus Networks leverages decades of experience in the Wireless, Wireline and Data segments of the telecommunications industry to provide a complex, multi-faceted industry with simple, flexible solutions. The nautilus shell represents a simple building block approach, using core experiences from the past to create better solutions for the future.

Nautilus Networks is a leading telecommunications service company that provides a complete solution for equipment manufactures and wireless carriers. We utilize our knowledge, expertise and industry relationships to exclusively serve our customers and build a flexible solution for testing, repairing and reselling our customers excess assets with financial returns that far exceed that of a reseller that cannot warranty the functionality of the product they sale. Nautilus Networks will absorb the financial repercussions of any warranty returns for product we sale due to functionality failures and indemnify our customers from any future liabilities.

With deep industry knowledge and relationships that provides leading capabilities, Nautilus Networks provides a technology centric focus solution that reduces OEM’s and wireless carrier’s network support costs for Nortel, Lucent, Motorola and Nokia core networks. Additionally, with a high velocity test bed development program and an employee base that is dedicated to truly listening to your problems, Nautilus Networks is uniquely positioned to develop custom support capabilities quickly – saving capital that could be allocated to marketing, continued network development or to maintain personnel.

Please feel free to browse our site, and learn what nationwide carriers and rural co-ops (and even our own competitors) have discovered about Nautilus Networks!