Custom Engineering

Nautilus Networks can provide a wide range of custom engineering projects, including:

  • Cell Site Builds
  • Power Bay Builds
  • Cable and Wiring
  • Site Audits and Installations
  • Kitting

Cell Site Builds

Nautilus Networks has trained technicians who have configured and built hundreds of cell sites, including the following:

  • Nortel GSM — S12000,S8000, S4000
  • Motorola CDMA — SC611, SC614, 4812
  • Lucent TDMA — PCS Minicell
  • Nortel CDMA — Metrocell, Minicell
  • Lucent CDMA –Flexent Modcell
  • Ericsson GSM 2106, 2206
  • Ericsson 4G 3106, 3206

Power Bay Builds

Nautilus Networks technicians have also configured and built hundreds of power bays, including:

  • Argus Pathfinder
  • Linage 2000
  • Nortel Helios
  • Marconi/Lorain Vortex

Cable and Wiring

In addition, Nautilus Networks can provide detailed assembly and wiring diagrams, component requirements and build-up listings as well as other documentation needed for a successful project. This includes re-engineering of connectors and frequency specific cables and their application within cell sites or power bays.

Site Audits and Installations

Nautilus Networks can also be called upon to perform site audits, upgrades and additions, equipment installation and removal and on-site equipment trouble shooting and repair. If required by customer demands, Nautilus Networks technical force can be mobilized to an on-site location for real time equipment repair, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Engineers and experienced technicians are also available to kit the equipment needed,